Free Thinking

We finally landed on a unique business model idea that were all comfortable with!  After analyzing how to present our original idea good-price-for-diapers-and-wipesin a way that wouldn’t raise any discrepancies in the three judged categories—feasibility, viability and desirability—it was obvious there was an issue with the business model. Therefore, we have decided to ditch the Gluten-Free/Allergen-Free/ Healthy fast food business model and proceed with a different need, accompanied by some trending ways to deliver communication and our value proposition. Our new business model, Baby Genius, will deliver high quality diapers to consumers’ doors at an extremely cheap cost. For my next post I will expand on this “pivot” our group decided to do.

Our next step with Baby Genius was to analyze the business environment. We were to conduct research of several external factors, including: market forces, industry forces, macro-economics, and key trends. The one factor within the diaper business…

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